Home selling can be complicated and often leads to many questions. Here are three of the most common questions that we’ve been hearing, as well as our expert answers:

1. Can I sell my house when it’s vacant? Yes, you absolutely can. It is not always necessary to rent furniture or have a vacant home. Sometimes an unfurnished home, particularly one with fresh paint and new carpet, shows better than a home with dated furnishings. If you have modern paint and new carpet, a vacant home can show very well.

“The investment in carpet and paint can really pay off.”

2. Do I really need to paint or make other home improvements before selling? You certainly can sell your home without making cosmetic improvements, but it likely won’t sell it for as much as it could. Buyers will start estimating the cost of projects they’ll need to do, and often deduct it from their offer. A turnkey home is more likely to fetch a higher price. Sometimes, something as simple as an investment in carpet and paint can really pay off.

3. Do I need a radon test in order to sell my home? The short answer is no. However, you are required to disclose the results of any previous radon tests that you’ve had done to the property.

If you have any specific questions about home selling or about real estate in general, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.