Here are three vital mistakes to avoid when preparing your home for sale.

Unfortunately, some people make mistakes while preparing their homes for sale. Here are the three main things to avoid when getting your house ready for the market:

1. Updating multiple levels. If you’ve done a dramatic upgrade somewhere in your home, such as in the kitchen, you can usually forego a few other areas that are less crucial. However, if something looks worn out, such as nicks in the paint, that needs to be improved.

“Crown molding and wainscotting are not needed to sell a house.”

2. Getting carried away with home improvements. For example, if the carpet needs to be replaced, many people think they should get a top-of-the-line product, but that’s not usually necessary for resale. The kitchen backsplash is another area not to overdo and may be unnecessary altogether depending on your price point. Additionally, crown molding and wainscotting are not needed to sell a house. These are all great things you would do to a home you’ll be living in for a while, not the house you’re selling soon.

3. Replacing mechanicals. A furnace or water heater, for example, doesn’t need to be replaced unless it’s not working or damaged. If the item is just old, there’s no need to replace it just to sell. 

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