Here are the strategy points sellers need to know in a seller’s market.

One of the things we hear from prospective sellers most often is something like, “It’s a seller’s market, piece of cake, I’ll just throw my house on the market and see what happens.” However, it’s in the seller’s best interest to consider what’s truly happening in the market and compose a strategy for selling.   

“It’s helpful for both sides to know when the cutoff time is for showings and offers.”

One of the first conversations with your real estate agent will be about how to price your home compared to the competition and which price point you’re in and how that affects things. Another crucial aspect is timing; when you put your house on the market matters. There are pre-marketing and coming-soon listings, and you may want to use one or both of these marketing strategies. 

It’s in both the seller’s and buyer’s benefit to lay out some expectations upfront. One of the main questions a seller will receive is when they want to close; it’s helpful to answer these types of questions upfront in the listing information. Another expectation you might want to set is an offer deadline. It’s helpful for both sides to know when the cutoff time is for showings and offers so the seller can begin reviewing those offers. It’s necessary for sellers to be able to look at all their offers at once and compare the terms and prices.

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