What remodeling projects should you do this year? Today we have a few suggestions for projects that will improve your home’s value whether you’re selling or staying put.

Let’s start with kitchens. Some very common, simple things you hear of people doing include adding granite and stainless-steel appliances. But, there are other options as well including adding a backsplash on your wall, adding interesting hardware to your cabinetry, or changing a light fixture to a conversation piece. It does not have to be anything overly dramatic, but it is amazing how a light fixture can add some pop of wow to your kitchen.

Also, improving functionality is key. You could add a trash pullout to one of your cabinet spaces, a tip out drawer below your sink for sponges and drain stoppers, or pull out shelves in the pantry. They all improve functionality and help you enjoy your kitchen more.

Another room you can consider making changes to is the master bathroom. Many people ask if they should remove the master bathtub. Before you do this, you should consider if there is another bathtub in the home and if not, you may want to keep the master bath in place for resale.

“Updates can be done inexpensively if you are able to complete the task without paying someone else.”

You can dress up your bathroom by changing the mirrors, the lighting, or updating the color of the paint and linens. This can change the look of your bathroom in a huge way. You could also add granite countertops in the bathroom inexpensively by finding remnant pieces. This can be done inexpensively if you are able to do it yourself and can update your home and improve the feel of the space.

You should also consider updating an area that often gets neglected unintentionally—the front entry. Fixing the rotten, sunken apron along the garage or the wood frame will help make a good first impression for those walking up to your home. Whether you are selling or staying, you may want to consider taking a good look at the front entry and see what can be done to spruce it up.

The driveway and the sidewalk are great places to improve if you are thinking about selling. Adding a sealcoat to your driveway or sidewalk will make it pop photographically. Or, you could add a new blacktop to make it look very appealing to potential buyers.

If you have any questions or are interested in buying or selling, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help in any way that we can.