Please take a close look at your valuation notice when you receive it.

Today we’ll talk about the property tax valuation notices for Scott County that were recently sent out. It’s no surprise property values increased last year, but is the county’s valuation accurate?

We’ve been talking to past clients about the valuations, and we’re seeing a fairly consistent 20% increase in taxable value from 2022. We ran some reports on Scott County to see how much the median sales price increased over the past year. Across the board, Scott County is fairly consistent at 10.1%. The average sales price increase wasn’t much higher at 10.9%. The different cities within the county all hover right around that same amount, with the exception of Prior Lake.

Some of the increased values we’ve seen seem to be accurate, and some are noticeably higher, so be aware of that when you get your valuation and take a look at it. Make sure they make sense to you. If we can help answer any questions for you, reach out to us at any time by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.