Here’s why buyers should never skip the final walk-through.

When you buy a home, you have the right to do a final walk-through of the home before closing. This helps you ensure that the property is still in the same condition as when you bought it. 

Typically, the final walk-through is done on the morning of the closing date or a few days before. The buyer and their agent walk through the home, turn on faucets, flush toilets, and check for dings and scratches on floors and walls. We also walk around the outside and make sure the condition hasn’t changed. Additionally, we ensure that any agreed-upon items are still in the home. 

“Once you close on a property, you’ve accepted it in its current condition.”

In our current market, however, we’re seeing some strange things happening with walk-throughs—particularly with buyers who choose not to get inspections. The final walk-through isn’t a last-minute inspection that lets buyers request fixes; it’s only to make sure the property hasn’t substantially changed.

We’ve had situations where the buyer noticed the seller replaced high-quality plumbing fixtures with cheap ones, and we’ve also seen sellers leave piles of trash and debris in the home. In another case, the seller still had a renter living in the property on the day of the walk-through. These are examples of why it’s important to do the final walk-through, as once you close on a property, you’ve accepted it in its current condition.

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