We discuss a few new tools that can help sellers in our tight market

As we head into the early spring market, we wanted to talk about some new tools that sellers can use.

You may have heard about buyers using a contingency in their offer, where they can only close on the house if they sell their existing home. Sellers can now use a purchase contingency. Through this, they can define a search period that gives them time to look for a new home. Once they find a home, they can release that purchase contingency. This is a new tool for sellers to help with the tight inventory situation.

“We have plenty of new tools to help our sellers in this market.”

We’re also excited to roll out Edina Realty’s guaranteed sale program in the next few weeks. You may have heard of iBuyers programs where sellers can get an offer on their homes from a pool of investors. This works similarly. Our program will be fairly robust with options for immediate sales, deferred sales, lease-backs, and other flexible options.

There are also some really cool financing tools if you plan on buying a home after you sell. We will cover them more later, but if you reach out, we’d be happy to share the details of those tools. If you have any other questions, feel free to call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.