When we talk about networking properties, we are talking about how we connect with other agents regarding our listing and buyer needs before the home goes on the MLS.

After that, there are a few different ways to network your property. We do that through other agents and brokers, our internal systems, our local database, and a tool in the MLS called reverse prospecting.

How does reverse prospecting work? When we have a listing, we’re able to search for other agents who have buyers at that price point. Then, we can communicate with those other agents regarding our listings.

“The MLS is the best place to market your home online.”

That brings us to our pre-MLS database called Network One. This is an in-house database where we can access homes that are going to be on the market but aren’t quite ready yet. This is a great place for sellers who need to get some work done on the home, like refinishing hardwood floors or painting.

Network One allows other agents to see properties that are about to hit the market and lets them know exactly when it will be available for sale. That way, those agents can inform those buyers that there is another home coming on the market soon.

This tool is not a substitute for the MLS. The MLS is the best place to market your home online. However, Network One is a great way for sellers in the preparation phase to get exposure for their home before officially hitting the market.

If you would like to know more about our pre-market MLS or our database of buyers and sellers, just give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!